BMW Four Cylinder Building, Munich

CI System Glass Architecture PR60

Place / Country:Munich, Germany
Project:High-rise building
Solutions:CI System Glass Architecture KWS 60
Solar control insulation glass
CI System Ventilation Flap M
SHEV controls
Special wind direction controls
Black-out mechanisms
SHEV flaps

47% energy saving

Uw=1,0 W/(m²K) vs. Uw=1,9 W/(m²K) as per German Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2009

Facelift and energy-efficiency upgrade of BMW's main headquarters and implementation of a state-of-the-art fire safety concept based on SHEV systems and control technologies.

  • Glass roof structure in the shape of the BMW logo over the tower's central shaft, solar control insulation glazing with Ug value = 1.2 W/(m²K)
  • Glass roofs over conference room, foyer and post room, insulation glass with light guidance grid
  • Glass roofs over the walkways linking the main tower to the low-rise buildings, which feature windows with controllable glass slats and solar control glass with screen print
  • Extruded, thermally separated aluminium sections
  • Extension arm drives in tandem layout with synchronisation control and synchronisation sensors
  • Special SHEV control panels connected to building control system
  • Wind sensors to detect wind direction and speed