Administration Building, Tuttlingen

CI-System Glass Architecture PR60 energysave

City/Country:Tuttlingen, Germany
Building type:Administration Building
Solutions: CI System Glass Architecture PR60 energysave

The company Binder GmbH is an international market leader in developing and producing environmental simulation chambers.
For the construction of a new administration building in Tuttlingen, LAMILUX built based on Passive House standards.

  • 2 Shed Roofs LAMILUX CI-System Glass Architecture PR 60 energysave, angle of inclination 3° (4,5m x 8,8m). VSG-glazing with sun protection glass (three layers) divided in 16 glass fields (Ug value 0.7 W/(m²K)). Thermal optimized edge seal with so called warm edge
  • 3 Shed Roofs LAMILUX CI-System Glass Architecture PR 60 energysave (2.1 x 4.3 m), glazing as described above
  • 66 Flap-Systems LAMILUX CI-System Ventilation Flap M (0,5m x 0,8m)
  • 66 Chain drive motor 24V